Below is the stop frame animation which was back-projected into a wooden screen for the CSM degree show 2019.

The film itself, Eels, tells a tale of 2 sites through stop frame animation and puppetry. Set in various locations above and below the thames, the animation uses imagery and objects gathered over the past year, largely from river beaches around the Rotherhithe/ Surrey Quays and Deptford part of the Thames. The narrative is loosely inspired by the news of the City's cocaine consumption habits affecting the behaviour of  European eels,  long term inhabitants of the Thames' waters. Eels are a meal synonymous with a former era of Londoners (but still consumed across the City). All of the bodies are involved in a cycle of consumption, a substance becomes waterborne and enters one body, perhaps eventually returning to it's source on a plate.

CSM Degree Show 2019

Gallery shows the installed animation, with a wooden hand built screen, small ceramic sculptures and the screen printed cotton curtain which hung in front of the projector.