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I'm here I'm glad you're there

Grace Black



(press note for sound)

- 2 minutes 50 seconds



- LEDs, clip on light bulbs, roofing felt, cardboard, plastic, rubber, wood, trestle, clamp, inkjet printed images on paper, mesh.


Grace Black (b.1996, London) is an artist based in London, whose sculptural practice combines lights, models, projection and assemblage. 

In installations ideas are spread across various components. These contain hand built objects, some like drawings or sketches, and some creating supporting structures. 


At the moment her work and research is concerned with the material of social technologies, both of the state and of a more unofficial, illegible kind. These include adventure playgrounds, hand written notices and signage, street assemblages, piles and spills, waste, and the images used in the marketing of developments and placemaking. 


Recent exhibitions and screenings include: 


The Regulated Wild, Peak Gallery, London, 2020 (solo)
On Water/ Na Vodi The Thames Festival, 2020 (online screening)
CORPO.S, collaborative video project, London, 2020
BABEL, The Wilsden Gallery, London, 2019, (group)
New Babylon The Lethaby Gallery, London 2018 (group)

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