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Artist Holly Gibbs and I performed as Part of the Word in Transit Performance Festival in March 2019.


We brought a puppetry performance to the London overground, lasting the length of time of the journey between 2 stops. Between Liverpool Street to Hackney downs, a selection of hand puppets presented a scaled down commute. "Creating a microcosm of the underground, featuring miniature wearable sets, exploring a portal to ‘junk time’.


Word in Transit 2019 was guest curated and hosted by Yoke Collective,  an artistic and curatorial project created by soon to graduate Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art students Emily Roderick and Georgina Rowlands.


"Word in Transit is an artist led performance platform that takes place on a public train carriage. It relishes DIY, amateurish and low-tech performances that are created with ingenuity and creativity. Word in Transit is a chance for artists who want to perform outside of a white space gallery context, or any other traditional performance space. Word in Transit was founded by recent graduate Campbell Mcconnell."

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